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BREAKING HOT: Mail Carriers’ Food Drive

I would have made time to post this earlier in the week, in time for LiberalPunk’s ’round the horn, but I did not know about it until today.

Mail carriers seek food donations Saturday for needy

Click on the Snooze Journal link above for detailed info, but here is some quick need-to-know:

  • Most needed foods are canned meats, fish, soup, vegetables, fruit or juice
  • also welcome donations of other non-perishable foods such as pasta, cereal and rice that is in sturdy containers
  • For safety, they ask that no donations include glass containers or any foodstuffs that are beyond their printed expiration or product use dates
  • The food collection is held rain or shine, so organizers suggest donors use plastic bags and double-bag them if weather is inclement
  • The best way to leave donations for collection is to put them into plastic grocery bags and either hang them from the mailbox or set them nearby

Unfortunately, there is one part in the article that never materialized in my neighborhood…

Carriers recently delivered postcards about the drive to all customers, he said, and many simply tape the postcard to their donations each year to make sure they are visible.

Er…not at my house.  Thanks for being thorough on a great idea, USPS.  OK, sarcasm over, I don’t want to lose sight of the purpose here.  I just find it unfortunate for all the accidental oversights that can happen, it was this one.

One last bullet-point, something I did not know:

  • The carriers’ drive precedes National Hunger Awareness Day, which is recognized on June 5 each year. The carriers’ drive precedes National Hunger Awareness Day, which is recognized on June 5 each year.

If you can’t get a bag together in time for this event, do plan on abundant giving to your local Food Bank.  If you would rather give them a cash donation, you know as well as I do, they are happy to accept that as well.  Please, pick an organization that you feel is most deserving (for what they do, they are all deserving).  If you are not sure where to start, look in my Blogroll at the bottom section.  The Sunday Breakfast Mission is a good start.

IT IS OFFICIAL! MOT Newbie, PhD, Jasonology

Finally!  All of this time and energy invested and I have finally reached the distinction of true honor!  I, Randy Smith (aka MOT Newbie) have officially earned my PhD in Jasonology!  I am herefore recognized as the state’s lone Jasonologist.

For Jason’s dynamic duo partner, LiberalPunk, here is your (late) contribution for ’round the horn!

Geek and Jason, respectively, phoning into the rest of the Delaware Fiberal crew for tomorrow’s posts:

Jason and Geek

The rest of the Delaware Fiberal crew:

The Rest of the Delaware Fiberal Crew I don’t even want to know who Catwoman is on the Fiberal crew!

Open Post to GEEK!

Hey, Liberalpunk!  For your friday edition, I GOT NUTHIN’!  Quote me!  Well, when you do the math from last Friday to tonight (7 days by approx 8 per day), I have about 56 nasty diapers for you…that I have.

Cheers!  :)

A Newbie Comment Rescue

In taking from Nancy taking from Jason’s creating a post based on another blog’s comment, I am rescuing one…my own.

Jason put up a post yesterday about a moderately strong rumor about Holy Girl’s potential of primarying Mike Castle.  I was at work, so I couldn’t post my response.  Jason, that goofy, yet teddy bear liberal (so long as your name isn’t Mike Castle or Elizabeth Wenk) posted my response on my behalf as “Rnonymous.’  Here is what I said (Jason pasted it verbatum):

Primaries don’t bother me, so I am OK with that. It’s this statement that has me riled up:
“Delaware’s highly organized pro-life community sees itself as increasing cut off from the Republican party…”

Please tell me you are kidding about that. They have numbers, yet they are part of our polarization problem from within! Then consider who usually walks in tandem with them, which O’Donnell is also a part of, and then you get the other conspirator that creates our polarization problem. If they really feel they are cut off, then their view must be total domination or nothing at all. What a joke. Maybe if they could concentrate a little better on the Senate races. Instead, as is usually the focus of their effort, they choose to eat one of their own; well, they will never admit he is their “own.”

Yes, I said that.  I was raised by a proud Republican mother and in my 30-something years, I have seen an ideological shift within the Republican Party.  That shift has been trending further and further to the right over the years.  I have also noticed a bigger trend, one that I personally think has led to our track record of late: the increasing inability to accept there are differing opinions from within, coupled with the desire to deal with that by “eating our own.”

To even think that the pro-life community sees itself as increasingly cut off from the Republican party is, to me, absurd.  The Republican Party holds the largest concentration of Pro-life supporters.  My view, however, is somewhat pro-choice.  I say ‘somewhat’ because, outside of dire health consequences, I can not think of any legitimate reasons to CHOOSE an abortion.  It’s the potential dire health consequences and the very real dire alternatives if it were rendered illegal that defines my position.  In taking this position, I realize I will alientate myself from other Republicans.  That’s the chance I take because that is the price of having an opinion.  I accept that.  What Jason is hearing just shouts out to me that there is a growing strategy to attempt to “purify” the party by the further right…the same far-right that has hijacked the national party.  Shame on people like me, though, we let it happen.  I make no apologies in my opinion on this: they aren’t alienated, there just happens to be more people like me standing up and it drives a good portion of them nuts.  Why?  Because we have different opinions and there is a refusal to understand why.

I had more, but it was rambling and I am tired.  Good night!

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Hiatus – Temporary? I Hope!

A quick note for my number one fan.

A funny thing happened on the way to blogging on Monday…a baby girl!  Wa-hoo!  We Dads are so simple when it comes to baby daughters.

I’ve been around, leaving a smattering of comments here and there, but have been mentally absent when it comes to creating new posts.  It’s the baby girl and I couldn’t care any less about new posts at this time.  Commenting, though, will likely happen as I still read others’ posts and that typically gets my snark all up in a bunch.  That one was for you, Jason!

In closing, I will honor my new favorite waffler with his phrase of the year:
Happy Valentines day to my great and lovely wife & adios.

URGENT! Feed The New Castle County Council!

In a shocking development on Tuesday, March 27, 2007, we, the citizens of New Castle County, Delaware, were advised, through a failing Council vote (only FIVE smart councilpeople were willing to brave their grumbling tummy’s contention) that they might STARVE if not for the taxpayers!


Yes, that’s correct, our mighty council people might wither away to nothing if we, the taxpayers, don’t feed them!  Oh, the humanity of it all!  When they have to legislate into long evenings that interfere with dinner, they need to somehow eat!  Come on people!  Feed your councilpeople!

What’s that you say?  What are they doing about it?  They currently order a catered buffet set up in their place of governmenting so they don’t go hungry! 

They aren’t currently starving, but if Councilman George Smiley (7th District) had his way, THEY WOULD STARVE ON TUESDAYS!  Well, at least six of them think they will.  Five of them apparently know how to pack a meal, or deal with the situation at hand.

Going serious now, this is pathetic.  Not what Councilman Smiley proposed, but the fact that the majority of the other members didn’t think enough of the already growing burden on the taxpayer to cut a relatively-small 10k/year PERK out of their digestive tracks.  Get a freaking clue, NCCo Council.  Of those that did get a clue, I was only able to ascertain that George Smiley and Stephanie McClellan are willing to pack a meal, or at least make other arrangements.  There are three others equally as reasonable, but I can’t find voting results anywhere, so any help is appreciated.  At the bottom of this post (next page if you are viewing it from my main smallwonderings page), I have pasted the part of the Snooze Journal article that contains the info on this issue.

I emailed Rick Jensen of WDEL in hopes of them picking up an idea I had.  I completely understand they just can’t take and spontaneously develop in a matter of days something a listener proposes.  He responded that he did like the idea, but that is as far as it went.  If someone else out there would like to pick it up, please do.  I would be honored and complimented to see it get legs….

The “FEED YOUR NEW CASTLE COUNTY COUNCILPERSON CANNED FOOD DRIVE OF 2007!”  That’s right, NCCo constituents, YOU have an opportunity to directly impact your County government!  How can these poor souls govern if their tummies grumble grumble grumble, crying out for the catered buffet?  Mean ol’ man Smiley wants to rid them of the buffet and now they may starve!  Somebody, think of the Council and put an end to the terrifying rattle of grumbling tummies!  Just say no to grumble!

On a real philanthropic note, the Sunday Breakfast Mission issued an alert yesterday for an emergency need of donations.  Anything “donated” to the Council should ultimately end up at a place like the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

Just say no to grumble!  Feed the Council!
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